An Area Overview

The area is a favorite place for those looking for a peaceful holiday by the sea. It is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its distinguishing characteristics are clean air, tranquility and unspoiled nature. In close proximity is the Pomorie Lake – a natural coastal lagoon used for salt and healing mud since ancient times. It is a super-saline lagoon of natural origin. Its bottom is covered with black mud, rich in minerals.

The northern part has been used for salt production since ancient times. The high salinity has created a unique environment to which various plant and animal organisms have adapted, many of which are rare and globally endangered species.

The second largest bird migration route in Europe – Via Pontica – passes over Lake Pomorie. This determines the great diversity of birds – a total of 269 species that can be observed through observation tubes and binoculars at the visitors center.

Two types of routes are marked in the area of ​​the lake: ornithological for bird lovers and botanical for plant lovers. Information boards, a map of the lake and marked routes are placed.

The climate is extremely favorable. Summer is cool. The average July water temperature is 23.6 ° С, the sunshine reaches 2,360 hours per year.